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Columbia College Hollywood: Workshop Wednesday Links

Workshop Wednesday Recordings

Missed a Workshop? Want to rewatch one in case you missed something?  Please see below for the recordings of each workshop.  The links will be provided within 48 hours after each workshop is given.

Quarter Week 1: Student Success Plan

Presenters: Angelica Robinson & Beth Cooper

Presented on Wednesday, September 29th 

Watch the Recording here: Student Success Plan

Quarter Week 2: Know Your Resources

Presenters: Jessica Johnson Mills & April Cheverette

Presented on Wednesday, October 6th 

Watch The recording here: Know Your Resources

Quarter Week 3: Time Management Basics

Presenters: April Cheverette & Beth Cooper

Presented on Wednesday October 13th

Watch the recording here: Time Management Basics

Quarter Week 4: Communication Basics

Presented by Angelica Robinson

Presented on October 20th

Watch the recording here: Communication Basics

*Please disregard any dates, this is a recording from the summer quarter

Quarter Week 5: Self Care 101

Presented by Jessica Johnson Mills

Presented on October 27th

Watch the recording here: Self Care 101

Quarter Week 6: Advanced Time Management

Presented by Zelda Harris

Presented on November 3rd

Watch the recording  here: Advanced Time Management

Quarter Week 7: Manage Your Finances

Presented by Angelica Robinson

Presented on November 10th

Watch the recording here: Manage Your Finances

Quarter Week 8: Study Skills/Note Taking/Test Taking

Presented by DeAnn Jordan & Zelda Harris

Presented on November 17th

Watch the recording here: Study Skills/Note Taking/Test Taking

Quarter Week 9: Class Success

Presented by DeAnn Jordan & Zelda Harris

Presented on December 1st

Watch the recording here: Class Success

Quarter Week 10: Advanced Self-Care

Presented by Jessica Johnson Mills

Presented on December 8th

Watch the recording here: 

Additional Resources Explore Pillar

Additional Resources Expand Pillar


Want to know how to avoid plagiarism and academic dishonesty?  Watch the recording below where April Cheverette and DeAnn Jordan talk about Academic Integrity and how to avoid plagiarism pitfalls.

Presented on October 8, 2021

Watch Recording here