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Animation + VFX: FX Resources

Visual Effects References and Free Tools

3D Total - Free texture library.

Animation Buffet - Free rigs.

AnimReferenceAnimation reference videos for human and animal motion.

CG Student Awards - Award winning student work, great to see what others in your field are doing.

CG TexturesTexture library, free to sign up for an account then you get a specific amount of Mb downloads per day.

Footage Crate - Royalty free Video FX including muzzle flashes, fire, explosions, dust, smoke, backgrounds, and more.

Free Sound - Free to sign up for an account and download sound clips.

Sounds Crate - Royalty free sound effects and music.

Reference!Reference! - Animation reference videos for human and animal motion.

Texture Mate - Free textures, brushes, patterns, and design articles.

Texture Max - Free high resolution textures and reference photographs.

Texture Lib - Free texture library.

CG Trader - Free 3D Models

Free HDR Maps: HDRMaps, HDRLabs, HDRI-Hub